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Pakistan Outreaches

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Central Asia & its growing Christian communities

The Pakistani feeding program provides groceries on a monthly basis for two remote villages where our schools are located. The number of families facing food deprivation is increasing because of food scarcity, slow grain imports, & an economic downturn that has affected the most impoverished in Pakistan. Also, the Christian community in the country are in dire situations regarding their food security due to persecutions & discrimination because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Many from western nations don't realize when aid & other resources come into the country from other places, Christians do not see the aid themselves. If these communities aren't being cared for by their government, we should as believers in Christ help in any way we can.

Video of us grocery packing in Pakistan.

Being in Pakistan in 2021 I experienced firsthand how packing groceries for families can be tedious work. Our team there in the country does a great job distributing, packaging, & hauling these provisions to these areas. Each bag has about 40$ worth of food & essentials for each household. Each month these people face starvation as food shortages in Pakistan have been severe, especially for the Christian community.